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DS FLASH - Nintendo DS and 3DS Flash Cards

New generation of Nintendo 3DS compatible flash cards has arrived at stores. These new R4 3DS cards are being sold at the cheapest price ever, but are they any good? We have run our tests and can report that they do what is being promised, but read on to find just what it is.

R4 3DSEarlier Nintendo R4 3DS compatible cards were not true 3DS Flash Cards, as they run in DS MODE and could not yet play 3DS roms. That all changed with GATEWAY 3DS card! GW3DS is the first card that can play 3DS ROMs on the 3DS and is not limited to older NDS games on 3DS. Nonetheless there still is plenty of use for a R4 cards (and Gateway BLUE card is one of such) on 3DS even if it can not access all of the new consoles features. Nintendo DS and DSi roms along with the NES, GameBoy, GBA, SNES, SEGA and other Emulators, DivX Player, MP3 support - all this and more can be added with any R4 3DS flash card.

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The Slot-1 in the back of the DS is only capable of running encrypted roms from an original DS game card R4DS M3DS Real G6DS MK5. Because of this, pirated DS roms are stored on and run from a flash card inserted into the GBA slot at the bottom of the DS. Now, this is not how the game roms are originally meant to run, so there are a few steps that are needed to get them to run properly:

  1. DS Mode from GBA slot - The DS has to be tricked into booting in full DS mode.
  2. Rom Patching - The roms have to be patched, to change them to work from the GBA slot.
  3. Flash Card - The roms have to be stored and run from a flash card in the GBA slot.
  4. Saving - The saving in the game has to be taken care of.

G6 DS vs R4 DS vs CycloDS top NDS Cards compared:
G6DS Real Review - R4 DS Revolution Review - M3DS Simply vs. M3 DS Real - CycloDS Evolution - Neo MK5, NinjaDS and DS Linker

And for the new DSi consoles you need R4i SDHC Adapters - old R4 cards will not work on DSi, neither do M3, G6 or AK2 without "i".

r4i sdhc 1.4 m3i zero acekard 2i r4i gold r4 iii sdhc ds iPlayer
R4i SDHC V1.4 M3i ZERO AceKard 2i DS R4i Gold R4 III SDHC DS iPlayer

When shopping for DS/ DSi flash cards to get free & fast (1-3 day) delivery make sure you are ordering from a store closest to you - unless of course the others are cheaper :)
ds flash USA & Canada -- United Kingdom -- Germany & EU  -- direct from CHINA - cheap but shipping takes longer

Use Coupon Code r420uk for recieving a 20% discount on ALL DS/ DSi Flash Card at the R4i UK Store! (shipping WorldWide)

3DS Flash CardsNintendo 3DS compatible flash cards!

3DS has been cracked or more precisely the DS-MODE of the 3DS. Most DSi compatible R4 DS Flash Cards that had a firmware update option now can be upgraded to work with the latest version of the Nintendo 3DS firmware. My personal favorite 3DS flashcard is the SC3DS - an updated version of SuperCard DSTWO that works on 3DS. Of course it lets you play all the NDS and DSi games on N3DS, but it also adds SNES, GBA and MAME emulators and DivX video player!


DS Mode from GBA Slot

When a GBA game is started normally from the GBA slot the DS kicks into a mode that limits it to work just like a GBA. To get DS roms to run from the GBA slot you have to use some method to trick the DS into booting into full DS mode. What boot methods you can use depends on which version of firmware was your DS has. See DS Firmware for how to check your DS firmware version. SuperCard Mini SD Review Max Media Dock Review EZ Flash IV Review Brakken's NeoFlash MK3 Review M3 Mini SD & PassCard v2 Review Max Media Launcher Review M3 SD X CelShader's NeoFlash MK3 Review M3 Perfect SD Review M3 Perfect CF Review NeoFlash MK2 Review NeoFlash Magic Kit Review Neo-Max 1Gbit Review NeoFlash MagicKey 2 Review G6-Flash 3rd Generation Review Ewin 512mbit + Passme Review SuperPass DS Review NeoFlash 512Mb 3in1 Kit Review GBA Based Reviews EFA-Linker II 1Gbit Review SuperCard SD Review SuperCard CF Review EZ-Flash III 1Gbit Review EFA-Linker 512Mb Review EZF-Advance Review X-Rom 512Mbit Kit Review Other Reviews Nintendo DS Lite Review Qoob PRO Gamecube Modchip Review.

ds flash DSTwo from SuperCard is a new flash card that incorporates the XviD/DivX Avi Media Player options from iPlayer and all the best nds rom playing features from the SuperCard DSone into one package! In addition to playing video without any converting you have the best GBA, SNES and MAME emulators for DSI available only for cards like iPlayer and DStwo (because these cards have an extra CPU processor and RAM memory inside them to help the emulation) more at GBA

ds flash Upcoming Unreleased DS Flash Cards:


When the idea of the NinjaDS emerged, several Nintendo DS owners dubbed it as a fake, as a hoax. Well apparently, they were dead wrong...but still, who can blame them right? The NinjaDS, in case you have got no clue about it, aims to be an all-in-one NDS homebrew device that functions pretty much the same way as your average NDS/GBA flashcarts and adapters, allowing you to execute .nds files. You may be thinking that it's just the same as other NDS dev products, but let me point out that unlike the others, the NinjaDS will function as a Passme/Passkey device and a SD card adapter. Plus, NinjaDS will not waste up your GBA slot, so you can still use it for a whole lot of other things that you please. It is a common belief that this one will be bundled with a ton of NDS software such as a built-in MP3 player, WiFi file transferring utility, and development-friendly software. The good news is that Team Ninja (the guys responsible for the NinjaDS) announced that this contraption is production ready. They have released some pics of the NinjaDS that will pretty much resemble the end product. Its release is expected in the coming weeks so watch out for that. For now, feel free to marvel at some of its pics.

  • No GBA Flashcart Needed
  • No Original Cart Needed
  • No Needed Flash NDS Or Included .Dat File In SD
  • Compatible With Any Gbaflashcart, Nf, Scard, M3, Etc..
  • Supports Old/New NDS & NDS Lite
  • +4-5 Mbytes/Second SD Card Transfer Speed (Depending SDcard)
  • 2 mbytes Flashrom - 1mbyte Available For Homebrew Flashing
  • Friendly & Easy Menu
  • Homebrew/Backup Player & Development Tool
  • Libraries For Developers Available
  • SD Card Mp3 Player
  • Wifi Files Transfer Util
  • "Yes" Your NDS Still Is A Portable Console:)
  • Wo Different Versions .. Sticky And U Shape

1. Write your .NDS/MP3,etc.. files in the SDCard
2. Plug SDCard inside NINJADS
3. Insert NINJADS in DS Game Slot
4. Turn on your NDS Console
5. Select your Function in NINJADS Menu Shell
6. Enjoy !!!




SDXC cards for up to 2TB storage even in micro SDXC format. Buy SDXC and use them in mobile phones, video game consoles or on PC as a backup drive. Faster write and read speed ensures that they can even host an OS!

New DSflash card - DS-Xtreme DS-X SuperCard Mico SD and G6 Lite 4Gb. G6 Generation 3 Review SuperCard SD Review NeoFlash 2005 Competition Review G6 Lite 4Gb Review EZ-Flash IV Review Supercard Mini SD Review M3 Lite aka. M3 Slim Hardware Review The Exhaustive M3 SD, Passkey & Passkey 2 Review Super Card SD & Super Pass 2 Review & Instructions EZ Pass 2 Review/Instructions PassMe Upgrade Review M3 Perfect Adapter CompactFlash 3rd Generation Review SuperCard vs. M3 Adapter Comparison. R4DS M3DS Simpley G6DS Real MK5 NeoFlash.

DS-Xtreme Review >

Comming soon - Full review the first 3DS ROM compatible flash card from the Gateway 3DS team!
That is not bad as it didn't take long to hack the DS and DSi mode of the 3DS, but it still remains to be seen how long it will take for the N3DS to be fully unlocked for playing multi-game backup copies of 3D games.


The BEST DS rom adapters for Nintendo DS / DS Lite / DSi v 1.4 and DSiXL. R4i SDHC, AceKard 2i, M3i Zero, R4i DSi, R4 SDHC, R4i GOLD, R4 DS . Download NDS ROMs -> copy to microSD card an play on NDS consoles for free! Use coupon code r420uk and get a 20% OFF all Nintendo DS ROM flash cards.